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When many of the people working at our site were in college, they made a startling discovery; help with homework in college is hard to find. Very hard. Outside of a professor’s office hours and classmates, you are largely left to your own devices. Sure, there are libraries available, but the textbooks don’t provide an easy answer to the homework set by your professors.

There is a huge shortage of help even online where you can expect to find anything under the sun. Thus, we made it a mission to open up a resource that students can use to attain solutions to their homework problems in college. The resources on our site are not meant to be used just as a way to putting down answers to your homework. Rather, you should use them to further your understanding of the material you have learned in class. Remember, you can use our resources to answer your homework but they will be of little use to you when you are in a college exam.

You can read testimonials of happy students who have found relief from their college homework through our site and the hints and tips that are posted here both by our readers and us.